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Big 4 Music Group

Big 4 Music group is a record label founded in 2020. The term Big 4 music Categorizes itself from other record labels. Holding similarities with record labels like Atlantic records, Warner Music Group, Sony and Universal. The label is responsible for releasing records by mainstream Artists like Blazer Barboza. The Label Origin in Atlanta Ga. The genres of Music the Label Provides consist of Hip-hop, R&B, Pop, Heavy Metal as well as Jazz. The Major Company Became established in October. well known rappers like Blazer Barboza.

logo: Big 4 Music Group.png

Organization: Big 4 Music Group

foundingDate: 2020

founder: Cassius Ellison , Blazer Barboza

knowsAbout: Recording, Music, Production

knowsLanguage: English

location: Atlanta Ga

makesOffer: Digital Audio

worksFor: Blazer Barboza

parentOrganization: Blazer Barboza

associatedActs: Blazer Barboza

similarRecordlabels: Warner Music Group, Interscope Records, Atlantic Records, Universal Music Group

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